Addressing the Negative Effects of Migration on Minors and Families Left Behind

Social protection of migrants and their families

From: May 2011    To: September 2013

1.To enhance the capacities of reference authorities to address the negative effects of labour migration from Moldova on children and other vulnerable family members left behind
Area of action
B. Social dimension of migration.

1. Creation of an Inter-Institutional Technical Committee (IITC) and analysis carried out through a mutual collaboration. Moldovan Government’s information system on child protection upgraded 2. Support to socio-educational centres for minors, directors of social centres (public and private), with particular reference to those operating in educational/cultural centres in rural areas also through: a) online counselling activities for the entire duration of the project; b) internships/study visits for 10 social operators to be held in Italy c) direct support to socio-educational centres 3. a) Support to the local authorities for improving guidance and training services aimed at including youth in the local labour market; b) Implementing training courses for 50 youth to be included in specific productive sector/s to be identified jointly in the IITC and support to the development of business plans and business start-up in Moldova 4. Dissemination of the interventions through the official website of the Italian Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policies and through the organisation of Thematic Workshops. 5.Carrying out an awareness raising campaign in Italy on negative social effects of migration on family ties. 6. Providing individually-tailored assistance and protection measures to children and families left behind by migrants.

Main activities
To identify and implement actions and support mechanisms for the reduction of the negative social impact of emigration on minors. 2. To develop training programmes promoting employment opportunities in the domestic labour market. 3. To raise awareness on negative social effects of migration on family ties; 4. To support and protect children and families left behind by migrant workers.

Project partners (implementing institution)
Italy (IT), Moldova (MD)

Contact person
IT Ministry of Labour and social Policies, via Fornovo n. 8 - 00136 Rome: Directorate general for Immigration Head of the Unit III (international Affairs) Mrs Germana Viglietta:; other contact Gerardo Torlino:; tel. +390646834764 MD Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family; Department for Family and Child Protection, Head of the Department Viorica Dumbraveanu:; other contact: Corneliu Tarus IOM - International Organization for Migration, Mission of Chisinau. Phones: + 373 22 23-29-40; + 373 22 23-29-41
Fax: + 373 22 23-28-62

Funding source, budget
€ 1.500.000,00 from Thematic Programme for Migration and Asylum
€ 500.000,00 from Italian National Budget (National Found for Migratory Policies)

2000000 €

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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