“Bridge the gap” – End of life-care for terminally ill and elderly people left behind in Moldova and Ukraine

Social protection of migrants and their families

From: February 2011    To: February 2014

Geographic scope
Moldova and Ukraine

1.To enhance the capacities of reference authorities to address the negative effects of labour migration from Moldova on children and other vulnerable family members left behind
Area of action
B. Social dimension of migration.

Overall objectives
To contribute to the reduction of negative effects caused by migration on elderly people left behind without care in MD and UA
Specific objective
To establish and promote high-quality end-of-life care for elderly and terminally ill people in urban and rural areas of MD and UA

Main activities
In the framework of the project, a survey will be done, regarding the situation of elderly persons, left without care. The survey will focus on the needs of these elderly persons in order to improve the quality of their life at its final stage. A system of high-quality mobile hospice care is being set-up in three regions of Ukraine and Moldova. During the implementation period of the project, 1500 persons at the final stage of their life will get access to high-quality home care. More than 200 specialists and 300 volunteers, who received special training, will take care for them.

The target group is – 40-50 persons per month in each region – elderly people and persons suffering from cancer. A multi-professional team, consisting of doctors, nurses, social workers, multi-denominational pastors and volunteers cares for the patients with the goal to alleviate their pain in the medical, social, psychological and spiritual sense.

Project partners (implementing institution)
European Commission (EC), Moldova (MD)

Contact person
Implementing partner: Osterreichische Caritaszentrale (Austria)
Website: www.caritas.at
Cofinancing Dept./ Programme Dept.
Email: birgit.ertl@caritas-austria.at
Tel: +43 1/488 31-477
Fax: +43 1/488 31-9477

Funding source, budget
EC(DCI-MIGR/2010/257-985) - (80% of total)

650000 €

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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