b. Promotion of the quality of the institutions of higher education and the university exchanges

Development of the Moldovan labour market



1. Optimizing the labour market of the Republic of Moldova, promoting student and professional exchanges and improving the economic conditions for returning migrants
Area of action
B. Strengthening the capacity of higher education institutions.

Promoting quality education and exchanges in higher education institutions - is of the main concern for the Ministry of Education. In particular, the considerable support is provided by the European Commission through Tempus projects.
Around 60 projects in the value of 13 million Euros have been implemented in Moldova within the last 17 years. Currently, there are 18 TEMPUS projects implemented in the Republic of Moldova in the value of about € 3,5 mln.
Structures to promote quality management have been created basically in all higher education institutions; and the Guide on Quality in Education has been developed and implemented as well.
In the academic year 2012/2013 about 5,500 citizens of Moldova have participated in the mobility programs (1st and 2nd higher education cycles, doctoral studies, research and language internships). These mobilities take place under the bilateral agreements signed with Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and within the European Commission programs: Tempus, Erasmus-Mundus, Jean Monnet, and e-Twinning.
Moreover, since 2011 the Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS) is being implemented in Moldova. Under this program 100 months / scholarships are awarded annually to the Moldovan students and young researchers to participate in internships and trainings in European universities.
Besides the CEEPUS Program other mobility opportunities are provided within the international organizations as UNESCO, Central European Initiative (ICE) and Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), promoting academic exchanges, quality assurance and fostering human capital.
Annually, about 25 field experts and teaching staff participate in the in-service trainings and workshops provided by ETF, CoE programme Pestalozzi, and RCC.

Project partners (implementing institution)
Moldova (MD), European Commission (EC)

Contact person
Ministry of Education:
Mrs. Ludmila Pavlov, Head of the International Relations and European Integration Division,
Tel. +373 22 23 24 15;
Fax. +373 22 233515
Email: international@edu.md

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