Study visits

Consolidation of the National Migration Management System

From: 22 August 2010    To: 28 August 2010

C. Sharing of knowledge and best practices. 1. Strengthening the institutional capacities of the Moldovan institutions dealing with migration aspects

a) 1 interview and assessment techniques seminar;
b) 1 seminar on refugee reception facility management
c)1-2 study visits on refugee reception facility management
Maximum number of participants of the interview and assessment techniques seminar: 16 persons.

Maximum number of participants of the seminar regarding refugee reception facility management: 16 persons, length of the seminar: 5 working days with 2 HU lecturers

Number of participants on the study visit: 6-8 persons. Comment: 50 % of the participants should be selected from those who attended the seminar; proposed length of the study trip: 4 days.

Project partners (implementing institution)
Hungary (HU), Moldova (MD)

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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