Pre-departure training

Information on legal migration and assistance for returning migrants

From: August 2009    To: December 2009

Facilitation of integration. 1. Informing potential migrants about ways of legal migration to the European Union and legal employment in the Member States, as well as about the risks of illegal migration, and assistance for returning migrants.

1) Courses of the Greek language, history and culture (level A1)
2) Educational Programme “Civic education” (focused on fundamental human rights, institutions of the Hellenic Republic and Greece as a European country).
3) Seminar “I live in Greece” (aimed to provide easier access to newly arrived migrants to Grece - the entry process, migration law, rights and obligations of legally residing TCN in fields such as the labour market, housing, health, education and culture, including detailed information about bodies the interested parties can address).
4) Seminar on professional orientation (aimed on identifing the professional abilities and skills of the migrants, and on achieving balance between supply and demand in employment. Moreover, a professional orientation workshop was organised).

- For a better understanding of the knowledge provided the training unit was conducted in Romanian - point 2., 3., 4.

- 104 participants attended the educational programme aged between 18-60 years old.
- 84 participants successfully completed the educational programme.
- 80 participants were completely satisfied by the organisation of the educational programme.
- Moreover, 10 courses were implemented, each one comprising all the above mentioned educational units:
*Courses of the Greek language, history and culture 1.000 total hours
*Educational programme “Civic education” 100 total hours
*Seminar “I live in Greece” 100 total hours
*Seminar on professional orientation 100 total hours

Ministry of Interior - Ms Katerina KONTOULI
Director of the Social Integration Division.
Tel.: +30 210 3741015 Fax: +30 210 3741239
International Organization for Migration – Mission in Greece
Mr Daniel ESDRAS - Legal Representative of the project
Tel.: +30 210 9919040 / + 30 210 99190044 Fax : +30 210 9910914
E-mail :

Project partners (implementing institution)
Greece (EL), Moldova (MD)

From 104 participants attended the educational programme, 84 participants successfully completed the educational programme and 80 participants were completely satisfied by the organisation of the educational programme. Trainers were given guidelines on the new teaching methods, the training material, the audiovisual means at their disposal as well as the contemporary needs for supply and demand in the labour market.

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