Exchanges of experts and training on the legal and institutional requirements for the consular protection of citizens and on exploring and cultivating the links with Moldovan communities abroad

Diaspora consolidation and co-development

From: 4 November 2009    To: 6 November 2009

B. Capacity building of consular personnel. 1. Strengthening the link of the Moldovan communities abroad with their home-country and promoting co-development projects

3-day consular training offered by the MFA and exchange of 3 consular experts with the Moldovan MFA. This training included presentations on subjects:
a) Protection of interests b) The honorary consular network c) Integrated approach to controlling entry- visa policy
d) Communication with citizens abroad, providing information for citizens, media communication, homepage
e) Public notary duties f) Document security (National Police) g) The migration system in Hungary (MJLE, OIN)
h) Common evaluation, achievements
which included:
1) an overview on the functioning of the Hungarian Consular Service + Hungary’s major achievements
2) the legal background, Consular Service in practice, trainings and exams for consular staff, the Honorary Consular Network and the best practices for providing information for citizens (homepage, Consular Information Office etc.).
3) the Schengen Visa system, legal background at EU-level and in Hungary as well as the types of visas, ways of delivering visas, visa policy

Mariann Pintér, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration:
Mr. Oleg Nica – Head of the division, Juridical and consular relations directorate. Tel. (373 22) 201 046; e-mail

Project partners (implementing institution)
Hungary (HU), Moldova (MD)

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Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

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