Strengthening the governance of the labour market through improved design, monitoring and evaluation of gender-sensitive policies

Development of the Moldovan labour market

From: December 2009    To: March 2010

B. Strengthening the capacity of higher education institutions. 1. Optimizing the labour market of the Republic of Moldova, promoting student and professional exchanges and improving the economic conditions for returning migrants

The project aims to improve the capacity of labour market institutions to design, monitor and evaluate employment policies in Moldova. It is expected, that at the end of the project, the following situation will exist:
• Institutional and management capacity strengthened and national coordination fostered;
• Employment policy framework established;
• National Employment Agency’s (NEA) performance in achieving the targets of the National Employment Strategy and Action Plan strengthened;
• Policy tools and guides on targeted active labour market measures developed and available for replication after end-of-project.

1. Policy component (• An employment policy cycle is in place; • All main recommendations of the fully-fledged assessment of the labour market endorsed in the employment priorities of the new Government; • A tri-partite inter-institutional working group on employment is established and able to assess challenges and formulate policies accordingly; • Two NAPEs developed, monitored and evaluated)
2. Programmes component (• A strategy to reform the Public Employment Services developed and being implemented; • Technical assistance initiatives on Employment Programmes are coordinated (ILO, SIDA and other development agencies); • Employment services and Active Labour Market Programmes are delivered according to gender-sensitive approaches and are targeted to vulnerable groups).
3. Scenarios during the years of crisis recovery
4. Employment policy priorities of the new Government based on labour scenarios
5. Implications for employment policy formulation (To address quantitative labour market imbalances and qualitative mismatches)

CZ - Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Na Poříčním právu 1, 128 01 Praha 2, e-mail:

Project partners (implementing institution)
Czech Republic (CZ), Moldova (MD)

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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