Promotion of recognition of skills and qualifications

Development of the Moldovan labour market

From: 2009    To: 2011

D. Recognition of skills and qualifications. 1. Optimizing the labour market of the Republic of Moldova, promoting student and professional exchanges and improving the economic conditions for returning migrants

a) a national format of occupational standards as instrument for comparing and assessing competence of returning migrants, and of any worker in the labour market was approved by the Government in December 2011;
b) the role of social partners in defining skills' requirments and formulating occupational standards was defined, and approved by the National Tripartite Commission on Bargaining. Based on this the Government is preparing a legal text about the sector committees on skills;
c) draft methodology for validating prior learning is elaborated and initial consultations with authorities have taken place;
c) active dialogue between Government and Social Partners on issues of skills for the labour market, including skills of returning migrants, is in place.
The Concept of the Validation of the Informal and Non-Formal Learning for returning migrants elaborated with the assistance of ETF.

Project partners (implementing institution)
ETF (ETF), Moldova (MD)

Skills contribute to migration and to development, and this project focus was on the skills' of returning migrants. The purpose was to increase the transparency (readibility) of skills in the labour market, aiming at better matching between supply and demand. Recognition of skills acquired in non-formal or informal manner (outside schools) motivates people to learn and companies to position themselves in a better market niche. Social partners' involvement was a precondition for skills' needs identification and better quality of education and training in future. There is a direct link to the national strategy Moldova 2020.

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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