Setting up and keeping up to date an action plan for the steady improvement of travel and identity document security, including through the use of biometric data

Cooperation in border management, identity and travel documents, fight against illegal/irregular migration and trafficking in human beings

From: 1 April 2009    To: 31 March 2011

D. Document security. 1. Fighting irregular migration and the trafficking in human beings

The main project activities were conducted within the 22 Conferences / Workshops - 85 days attracting 367 people in the beneficiary institutions of Moldova and 5-7 EU experts each per conference or workshop, including:
Mission evaluation and report, using the recommendations.
Module 1: * Education / training on document security. This module focused on developing a comprehensive concept of documents’ security and includes the following activities / actions:
- Completion and adoption of the manuals and training plans "Security of the travel documents" - were developed and published 300 books in Romanian and 200 books in English (including for the SE “Registru " 30 books);
-Training of trainers by international experts - 8 conferences, total number of the trainers-16, including 2 from the SE “Registru ";
- Prior pilot training for the staff from Moldova, supported by international experts – 4 conferences;
-Training (one conference) and Installation of the distance learning (e-training), including one place for the SE “Registru ";
-Procurement of equipment for the training purposes and verification of documents - 15 nootbooks ACCER eME725-442632M eMachines 15.6 "/ Pentium DC T4400/2G/320G/GMA45, 4 Projectors NEC NP115G, 15 kits for expertise documents (including for the SE “Registru " 2 NB ACCER, 2 kits for experts, and a Projector).

Module 2: Exchange of information on documents’ security: This module contributes to the increase of quality and quantity of the information exchange in the identification / detection of forgotten and forged travel documents, and the methods of counterfeiting between the relevant authorities. Following workshops were implemented:
Identification of the best EU practices relevant for Moldova - 4 conferences;
-Development /elaboration of a pilot project - a mechanism for exchange of information between agencies;
-Development / elaboration of an Agreement for the exchange of information on documents’ security between the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Justice, the Border Guard Service (nr.01/295 of 17.02.2011);
-4 Study visits / familiarization (Poland, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands).
-The purchase of 5 licenses (including 1 for SE "Registru ") and free of charge installation of " EDISON” databases level II, which contains the 4000 IDs of the 206 countries, with a quarterly update by the Royal Marechaussee of the Netherlands;
-Exchange of Alerts between Moldova and EU agencies to detect forged and falsified travel documents.
Project Closing Conference and perspectives for the further collaboration.
Final conference of the project took place on May 23, 2011.
Current project achievements are operation.

Project partners (implementing institution)
European Commission (EC), Moldova (MD)

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