Implementation of the Bilateral Agreement on Labour Mobility Between Italy and Moldova

Labour migration schemes

From: 15 October 2011    To: June 2014

Promote the liaison between Italian and Moldovan labour and training institutions and services, and strengthen the management of qualified labour migration flows between Italy and Moldova.
1- Develop a service network for the management of labour migration flows between Italy and Moldova;
2- Enhance the qualification of migration flows through training co-operation between italian and moldovan employment and training institutions.

1.a) A Local Coordinating Office is set-up and operational (output: LCO);
1.b) Moldovan migration and employment institutions are trained on the Italian labour and migration systems, and Moldovan candidates to migration are regularly informed of the relevant rules and procedures on migration and return (output: training material);
1.c) An information exchange platform is set up and fed with the information on relevant candidates’ profiles (output: information exchange platform);

2.a) Training courses on Italian language and civilization delivered in Moldova. Ad-hoc availability lists of successful trainees delivered;
2.b) Operational set of rules and procedures for the identification of Moldovan qualified candidates to migrate to Italy;
2.c) Monitoring reports on pre-departure training activities and trainees’ effective integration in Italy, delivered on a regular basis;
2.d) List of events and activities promoting circular migration.

Main activities
.a) Setting-up a Local Coordinating Office (LCO) in Chişinău, as institutional and operational representation of the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies;
1.b) Train Moldovan migration and employment institutions on the Italian labor and migration systems, so as to implement workers’ lists of Moldovan citizens available to work in Italy;
1.c) Set-up an information exchange platform to manage the list of Moldovan citizens available to work in Italy;

2.a) Manage calls for tenders for candidates’ training in Moldova, aimed at strengthening their Italian language (A1 level) and civilization skills;
2.b) Establish rules and procedures for the identification of the relevant human resources to be trained with a view to migrate to Italy;
2.c) Carry-out sample surveys on trained workers in order to analyze and monitor their social and working integration;
2.d) Promote international mobility and return activities for Moldovan citizens resident in Italy.

Moldovan citizens candidate to migration to Italy, and potential moldovan returnees.

Project partners (implementing institution)
Italy (IT), Moldova (MD)

Contact person
Implementing institution
Italia Lavoro (leader), IOM International Organization for Migration (partner) Paolo Tatti,,

82200 €

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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