Strengthening Migration Management and Cooperation on Readmission in Eastern Europe (MIGRECO)

Consolidation of the National Migration Management System

From: 1 February 2013    To: 1 February 2015

Geographic scope
Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

The project objective is to enhance migration management and foster cooperation on readmission in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus in line with EU standards.

Specific Objectives: To facilitate and monitor migration reform and implementation of Readmission Agreements, through capacity building and knowledge management.
• To improve migration management in line with EU standards through policy advice and awareness-raising in Ukraine and Moldova.
• To assist in strengthening Government responses to human trafficking and border security in Ukraine and Moldova.
• To aid in promoting fundamental rights and integration of migrants in Ukraine and Moldova.

• Implementation and monitoring of RAs, national migration policies, and VLAPs effectively facilitated.
• Up to 50 officials trained.
• Five networking visits organized.
• Long-Term Advisors (LTA) embedded (in UKR/MD).
• Migration data collection & analysis training delivered.
2. Block 1 – Document security (Ukraine)
3. Block 2 – Irregular immigration:
• Irregular immigration to/ from recipient States reduced;
• Up to 30 relevant officials trained;
• Readmission M&E mechanism set up;
4. Block 3 - Law enforcement response to trafficking crimes improved:
• Up to 60 officials trained;
• National Referral Mechanism for trafficking victims supported.
5. Fundamental rights [Block 4] of foreign nationals (in UKR/MD) advanced:
• 30 State/NGO staff trained;
• Integration studies completed.

Main activities
• Regional gaps analysis;
• Migration data collection & analysis training;
• Networking visits;
• Embedding of LTAs (in UKR/MD).
Block I (Document security) (UKR).
Block II (Irregular immigration):
• M&E of readmission (UKR/MD);
• Support to national IBM Strategy (MD);
• Trainings and support on negotiating possible RA (MD-BEL);
Block III (Counter-Trafficking/ Public order):
• Multiplication of the National Reintegration Mechanism (NRM) for victims of trafficking;
• Advanced CT trainings to law enforcement officers in (UKR/MD).
Block IV (Fundamental rights):
• Research on integration;
• Trainings for officials prosecuting hate crimes;
• Trainings on integration and combating racism (also to NGOs);
• Regional forums for dialogue (UKR/MD)

Government of the Republic of Moldova, incoming and outgoing migrants, foreign nationals, visible migrant minorities residing in the country.

Project partners (implementing institution)
International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Contact person
Simion Terzioglo, project coordinator,
Viorica Olaru-Cemirtan, project assistant,

Funding source, budget
European Union

672646 €

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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