Enhancing the Government of Moldova’s Capacity in Diaspora Engagement

Diaspora consolidation and co-development

From: 1 October 2012    To: 30 September 2013

Geographic scope
Republic of Moldova

Enhancing Diaspora’s positive contribution to Moldova’s socio-economic development through strengthening its partnership with the Government.


Improved institutional, normative, procedural and technical capacity of the Government of Moldova to engage with the Moldovan Diaspora, so as to harness the Diaspora resources for the homeland development.

1.1 Availability of a comprehensive policy and institutional set up for Diaspora engaging based on international practices.
1.2 Increased identification of the Diaspora with the Homeland
1.1 Improved capacity of the public services responsible for engaging with Moldovans residing abroad.
1.2 Improved communication/ interaction with the Diaspora

1. More streamlined and comprehensive approach and understanding of Moldovan Government towards engaging the diaspora in Moldova’s socio-economic development
2. Enhanced technical and institutional capacity of the responsible Government structures to strengthen the partnership and communication between the Diaspora and the homeland

Main activities
Component 1.
Activity 1.1.
1.1.1. Recruiting of a qualified international expert for the execution of the assessment of the current Diaspora-engaging system.
1.1.2. Carrying an assessment of the current policy, legislation, structure, resources, procedures and services to engage Diaspora.
Activity 1.2.
1.2.1 Making in-depth comprehensive recommendations for the introduction of new relevant laws, policies and measures for effective Diaspora engaging in Moldova.
Activity 1.3.
1.3.1 Developing the draft concept, institutional and HR structure, the mission and functions of a public agency with Diaspora-engaging mandate, incl. an initial Action Plan, based on the new Government vision for the Agency. Making available the recommendations to Moldovan policy makers.
Activity 1.4.
1.1.1 Developing a draft communication strategy to enhance ties to homeland and democratic inclusion.

Activity 1.5
1.2.1 Developing a draft concept of a “birthright programme” for children in the Diaspora for promotion of the identification with the Homeland.
1.2.2 Pilot-testing the “birthright programme” through supporting the visits to Moldova of a number of 25 children for participation in a summer camp.

Component 2:

Activity 2.1
2.1.1 Organising of a study visit to a country with a well-established institutional and policy system and tradition in Diaspora-engaging.

Activity 2.2
2.2.1 Commissioning of a qualified international expert-trainer for the development of the training programme and delivery of the training for the staff of the new Agency
2.2.2 Development of the training programme for the staff of the new Agency.
2.2.3 Organizing and delivering (in Moldova) the training to 25 public officials of the newly-established Diaspora Agency as well as other institutions with a Diaspora-engaging mandate.

Activity 2.3
2.3.1 Commissioning of an IT company and of a qualified content manager for the development of web-based communication channels for the new Agency.
2.3.2 Development of permanent web-based communication channels for mutual exchange of regular information from/to Diaspora.

Primary beneficiaries: the Government of Moldova, the newly established Agency with a Diaspora-engaging mandate, State Chancellery as an institution charged with establishing the Agency, other public institutions with a Diaspora-engaging mandate

Project partners (implementing institution)
State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova (SCRM), International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Contact person
Ghenadie Cretu, Migration and Development Program Coordinator gcretu@iom.int

Funding source, budget
IOM Development Fund

IOM Moldova coordinates the internal monitoring of the project focusing on the following areas of programme implementation: (a) relevance and quality of design, (b) efficiency and implementation of project outputs and activities, (c) effectiveness and (d) programme sustainability. Ongoing monitoring ensures that the project meets its internal deadlines and that report recommendations and implementation is consistent with project objectives and meets the needs of the target groups. Project monitoring and evaluation will be based on periodic assessment of progress on delivery of specified project results and towards achievement of project objectives. To ensure maximum efficiency and outputs, IOM applies its respective internal evaluation procedures.

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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