CIM special programme for flexible measures – Integrated expert for migration

Labour migration schemes

From: March 2013    To: February 2015

Geographic scope
Republic of Moldova

1.An improved migration policy system in Moldova is in place
2.The concept of returning migrants as development accelerator is promoted
3.Networks within migration projects and Mobility Partnership are created

Moldova’s capacity and policy towards migrants and returnees improved
Successful EU and German project activities in Moldova facilitated

Main activities
1.Coordinate the German input and VEt component in the EU project: Consolidation of Migration Management capacities in the Republic of Moldova”
2.Coordinate the GIZ/CIM input tor the triple win circular migration scheme in the EU project: “Making Migration in Moldova work for Development”
3.Support the Bureau for diaspora relationship at the prime minister office in the EU project: “Strengthening the Link between Migration and Development”
4.Coordinate GIZ/CIM input in bilateral and multilateral migration projects , e.g.: “Common efforts in migration and re-integration between Euroregion Dnister and Euroregion Pro Europa Vladrina”
5.Design regular updates of the “migration checklist” for Moldova

Moldovan institutions dealing with labour- and circular migration. Moldovan labor migrants

Project partners (implementing institution)
Centre for International Migration and Development, Germany (CIM ), Germany (DE)

Contact person
German Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM), Mr. Alexander Seidl, CIM expert in Moldova,

Funding source, budget
Provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

250000 €

Terms of Reference

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

The project is implemented in partnership with the Government of Republic of Moldova

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