Development of the capacity of dog handling services of border guarding institutions in Moldova and Georgia

Cooperation in border management, identity and travel documents, fight against illegal/irregular migration and trafficking in human beings

From: April 2017    To: September 2017

Geographic scope
To support border management capacities of Moldova and Georgia in the area of dog handling and approximate them with standards of the EU Member States (MS)

To increase capacities ragarding the service dog handling methods and means used by border guards for border control in Moldova and Georgia.
To renew the gene pool of service dogs in Moldova and Georgia through acquisition and training of new dogs.

Dog handlers and instructors will acquire knowledge on the last methods in the service dog training.
Instructors will acquire knowledge and experience on the latest methods of the service dog training in Latvia, become acquinted with the system of trainings and use of dog handlers and service dogs of the national authorities of Latvia.
Gene pool of service dogs and dog training equipment of border guard institutions of Moldova and Georgia will be supplemented in high quality.
The performance of the dogs will be enhanced through the use of EU standards for the training.

Main activities
1. Theoretical - practical workshops in Moldova and Georgia;
2. Training of dog handling instructors of border guard institutions of Moldova and Georgia (qualification increase) in the Dog Handling Centre of the State Border Guard College of Latvia;
3. Acquisition and delivery of dogs and training inventory to border guard institutions of Moldova and Georgia;
4. Training of the acquired dogs, in line with the standards of EU MS, using operant conditioning and laying the basis for further specialized training.

Border police Department of the Ministry of Interior, Moldova
Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Interior, Georgia
Border Police of the Ministry of Interior, Georgia

Project partners (implementing institution)
Latvia (LV), International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

Contact person
State Border Guard College of Latvia, person responsible for managing the action:
Uldis Barkans
Chief of the dog handler's service:
Tel: +37164603687, mob.:+37129237755
Border Police Department of the Ministry of Interior, Moldova:
Diana Railean
Tel: 022-264-504

Funding source, budget
European Union through Mobility Partnership Facility

100653 €

If the Contracting Authority carries out an interim or ex post evaluation or a monitoring mission, the Coordinator shall undertake to provide it and/or the persons authorised by it with any document or information which will assist with the evaluation or monitoring mission, and grant them the access rights as they need it.
If either the Beneficiary(ies) or the Contracting Authority carries out or commissions an evaluation in the course of the Action, it shall provide the other with a copy of the evaluation report.

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Project funded by the European Union

Project implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova

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